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Conway Carpet Cleaning

Learning how to clean carpets is never a rocket science! Of course, carpets are differentiated coverings that require extra care, but it’s not that tough like it sounds. Besides providing comfort and charm to the home decor, they are excellent acoustic insulators (sounds such as footsteps, music, and voices are easily muffled). This quality makes them a popular choice for many of us. However, the carpet fibers harbor dust, dust mites and other dirt that are true villains to people with respiratory conditions such as rhinitis and asthma. So we've broken down how to clean carpets that will make your routine easier and clean carpets won’t look like a real headache! Anyone who loves decorating must agree that rugs are indispensable pieces to make any home decor perfect! So, let’s check out this post from the professionals of Conway carpet cleaning to give our home carpets the best cleaning.

Basic information

First of all, we need to understand how carpet works. Doubts about products that we need to use in carpets are quite common, as they are made entirely of fabric. For this reason, cleaning the carpet with water or excess liquid will ruin the piece. The fabric naturally absorbs water. So, it takes a long time to dry and sometimes it rots. Therefore, the best way to clean carpets is to go for dry cleaning. Another basic tip about carpet cleaning is not to sweep it with a broom, as this will only lift the dust accumulated between the fibers, without performing a deep cleaning. If the whole thing looks too messy, feel free to take the assistance of professional Conway carpet cleaning.

Understand the Differences of Rugs and Carpets

Often we get confused with this. Let the professional of Conway carpet cleaning help you with the same. You can find rugs of different shapes, textures, colors, and materials. Moreover, rugs can serve as space delimiter, but above all, they will still leave some areas uncovered and you can change their location and directions at any time. The carpets are applied to the home environment itself. It is fixed to the baseboard, thus occupies the entire area where they were applied, without leaving uncovered areas.


Carpets and rugs can accumulate dirt, especially if there is heavy traffic of people in the place. So regardless of the choice, it is necessary to maintain a daily or weekly cleaning routine. You should also go for the periodic deeper cleaning and you can do this with the help of professionals of Conway rug cleaning.

Allergies Caused by a Dirty Rug

It is believed that carpets and rugs may cause allergies or even aggravate breathing problems. However, thorough cleaning of them can be advantageous, since the impurities will be removed from the area of the carpet!

Think about the Color

To keep the color of rugs and carpets like new, cleanliness is a must! You vacuum them at least once a week. And this cleaning should be done more often outdoors, or if there are pets or children in the home.

Benefits of Professional Conway Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are excellent options for high traffic areas and commercial environments, they also offer great durability. Already the plethora of decoration options related to colors, textures, and shapes of the carpets is undeniable, and they serve to enhance both the beauty and the comfort of spaces! As common advantages, the pieces are considered as decorative items as well as safety items, since depending on the material, they can provide safe adherence as well. Without proper carpet cleaning, microscopic dust is accumulated and they can destroy the fibers. To preserve your carpet, you should be careful about regular maintenance. We use our experience, high-quality equipment and trained professionals who will value your carpet, whether in homes, condominiums, hospitals or companies. The professional of Conway rug cleaning is performed the cleaning job with approved anti-allergic products. So, there is no risk of developing or aggravating allergies. They help in removing dirt, dust mites, animal hair, urine, stains, and mold from your favorite carpets.

Understand Carpet Cleaning

Namely, there are several methods of carpet cleaning. Here at professional Conway carpet cleaning, we use the extraction wash method, which became popularly known as dry cleaning. In our experience, we found that 80% of the dirt in carpets is solid and dry particles. So, first, we use a high-suction industrial vacuum cleaner that removes all these particles. We then carefully map dirt and stain spots to ensure that they can be removed completely at the time of cleaning. Overall, the remaining 20% consists of grease and deep dirt. So this is the most important part of cleansing. We remove grease and deep dirt using specific products, as well as unique brushing and washing techniques, and our dry extraction machine.

The Result of Professional Conway Carpet Cleaning

This carpet cleaning process will leave your carpet 100% clean and sanitized. We can guarantee that no problem is too big in front of our hands-on carpet cleaning experience. But if your carpet is already damaged, you won’t be able to correct the physical damage. We can clean and sanitize the carpet in your home or business using anti-allergy products. And that makes the removal of unpleasant odors that are impregnated in the fabric.

Equipment and Products Used in Conway Carpet Cleaning

Our equipment is state of the art, capable of providing deep carpet washing. We operate with modern and efficient machinery, which helps us to provide a high-quality service. We use products according to each fabric, so it does not damage or stain the carpet. The products don’t harm the health of people or the home environment. Above all, we have a highly experienced and qualified team ready to eliminate dust, fungus, dust mites and bacteria from your upholstery. So, what are you waiting for? Reach us today and get the best cleaning done from the experts of Conway carpet cleaning. Let’s know about your cleaning requirements, we’d more happy to help!!

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